The Central Laboratory of the University of Tabriz has provided an opportunity to centralize and organize the advanced equipment and facilities required for various disciplines, optimized utilization of the existing services, cost reduction in research projects, minimizing the barriers to effective research, possible future applications of the data, helping academics to communicate their research more effectively, facilitate easier access of faculty members, research expertises and students to research spaces and facilities, while avoiding the exclusive possession of the existing equipment and facilities. 

Due to the limited lifetime of each device, after a certain period of time, the results of the studies obtained from devices will become invalid to be presented in international journals. Hence, the central laboratory can make the optimal use of the devices possible.

The Central Laboratory of the University of Tabriz that is operated under the supervision of the technology affairs management, a division of the deputy of research and technology of the university, works according to the specific regulations for provision of services to academics, researchers and industrial centers. These services are provided with a special tariff approved by the university.

In order to meet the needs of national experts and researchers and to achieve scientific growth, the equipping, renovating and updating research laboratories is of great importance. However, due to the budget inadequacy, ordering laboratory equipment has been hindered especially for engineering, science, agriculture, veterinary and a number of humanities faculties. This problem has seriously affected the scientific growth of the country and the route of the scientific projects.

In the recent years, the allocated fund has been either insufficient for ordering a modernized laboratory equipment or non-expert spending and unnecessary devices have been purchased. Although, the provided budget for faculties helped for affording necessary devices and employing them, considering the rapid growth in technology and enhancement in equipment, the validity and efficiency of the devices are very little thus, forcing to get benefit from its capacity within this short period of time. Due to the limited assigned budget, narrow efficient longevity of a number of equipment and huge need for facilities and services of the devices, the necessity to concentrate funding for establishing a central laboratory at the university to provide expensive and essential devices is inevitable. In fact, the optimal management entails that the budget is properly spent to get the best out of it and use the full capacity of the existing equipment and devices. In this regard, the installation and setting up of the devices and training and empowerment of expert staff of laboratories are among the important objectives of the network of national laboratories (NNL) and the central laboratory.