Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM)

Apparatus name: FESEM (EDX & Map & Line scan)


Company: Tescan,  Czech.

The apparatus contains Field Emission filament, which works in both high vacuum and low vacuum that is suitable for nonconductor samples. The resolution is 5 nm and the magnification ability is X106 with the voltage of 30 kv. The apparatus is equipped with SE (Secondary Electron), BSE (Back- Scattered Electron), LVSTD (Low Vacuum Secondary Electron TESCAN Detector) and EDX (Energy- dispersive X-Ray Analysis) detectors and is able to do the quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples.


SEM cost for each hour: 2000000 Rials

Map & Line scan cost for each hour: 2000000 Rials

Coating cost for each sample: 200000 Rials