Objectives and prospects:

  • Purchase and equip new devices that can be used for multidisciplinary studies and providing the related services;
  • Providing online services for all devices in the lab through the central laboratory website and sending samples by post;
  • Planning to run workshops on existing devices for students, professors and even the staff of the laboratories from University of Tabriz and other universities for optimized applications;
  • Creating an organization chart related to the activities undertaken with known members and experts in order to make the formalities and administrative process very straightforward;
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the research facilities and equipment;
  • Providing required condition for conducting basic and applied research;
  • Effective use of the research competence of the academic staff members;
  • Improving the educational and research quality of the postgraduate students;
  • Establishing a relationship between laboratories inside and outside the university in order to provide mutual services;
  • Applying professional and committed procedures regarding the services provided to the researchers by defining the indices required to get appropriate customer feedback for better marketing and also timely tracking and providing applicable responses to complaints and requests and questions in order to achieve the customer-care;
  • Meeting the essential standards in carrying out tests as well as standardization regarding the repairing and maintenance of the existing equipment and calibration of devices, and also implementation of standard management to enhance the efficiency of laboratories;
  • Employing competent people for laboratories to ensure accurate and precise results and familiarity of them with all applicable methods of all the related activities within the laboratory function and improving the level of their skills and success through continuous, systematic and planned training;
  • Continuous improvement of lab activities and functions;
  • Providing the results of the tests within the given time period.